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About Víctor Pavon

Víctor holds a PhD. in Modern Languages. As an academic at the University of Córdoba (Spain), he has had a long experience of examining how English is developed and used in academic contexts. He is a member of the Advisory Committee for Linguistic Policy in Andalusia (Spain). He has participated in the elaboration of the Integrated Curriculum of Languages for Compulsory Secondary Education and Bachillerato in Andalusia, and also in the elaboration of the Linguistic Project for State Schools in Andalusia. Most recently he is coordinating the Bilingual programme at the University of Cordoba. As an author, researcher and lecturer, he is active in education development programmes in Europe and beyond, having recently been engaged with assignments in Cape Verde, Egypt and Turkmenistan. His current interests focus on research and development for capacity building of higher education, and subsequent competence building of staff, to support organisational internationalization processes as part of the objectives of the European Higher Education Area.