ELT/CLIL (Pre-Primary, Primary & Secondary)

About Sergio Francisco Déniz

Sergio Francisco Déniz holds a PhD and teaches at the University of La Laguna. He is an expert in English teaching as a foreign language (EFL) and bilingual education (CLIL). He currently works as a teacher on the BA’s Degree in Teacher Training for Primary Education, MA’s Degree in Teacher Training (English), and MA’s Degree in Bilingual Education: CLIL (Pre-Primary – Primary), being the coordinator of the latter for several years now. He works closely with Primary and Secondary teachers and has previously delivered training in different schools. In addition, he has several publications and has given numerous presentations at conferences. In his research group, the focus is on multilingualism, competences and interdisciplinary education, the development of digital competence in language learning, and the socio-constructivist approach to learning.