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About Phil Ball

Phil  Ball works  for  the  Federation  of  Basque  Schools,  based  in  San  Sebastián,  Spain. He has been closely involved with their successful plurilingual project, ‘Eleanitz’, and has been involved in several European projects. He has written a wide variety of CLIL textbooks for the Basque Schools’ social science (studied in English), and co-wrote and performed  the  music  for  the  award-winning primary project, ‘Story Projects’.  He also teaches methodology to university lecturers  who  wish  to  teach  through  English  and  is writing  a  new  series  of  English  textbooks  for  the  new  ‘EKI’  competence-based programme in the Basque Country. He is also the co-author of the new book about CLIL, ‘Putting CLIL into Practice’ (Oxford University Press, October 2015).