Oxford School Enrichment Programme

Price:As defined by needs analysis
Subject:Professional development

For schools who want to improve multiple aspects of their educational project

Want to launch your school to the forefront of education? Bring the Oxford Professional Development team’s expertise to your institution with this tailor-made training programme.

Starting with a careful detection of your institution’s needs, our experts will craft a structured and goal-oriented programme. After the changes have been put into practice, our experts will follow-up to check on the implemented changes and provide further steps for improvement.


Looking for a customised course for your school? Fill out this form and we’ll respond within 72 hours.

Centres committed to the professional development of their staff and interested in reaching the highest levels of educational excellence for their students.

Preliminary meeting to establish individual requirements.

  • Diagnostic needs analysis of the centre or congregation.
  • Proposal of organisational changes and training plans.
  • Implementation of the agreed action plan.

  • To identify areas for improvement and establish short, medium, and long term objectives.
  • To apply the agreed action plan within a mutually established timeframe.
  • To evaluate the effectiveness of the implemented changes and to propose the next set of actions to be taken.

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