Mathematics and Numicon: A new way to learn*

Duration:15 hours

Enhance Pre-Primary and first-cycle Primary maths classes with Numicon

With Numicon, developing mathematical thought becomes an experience which is multi-sensory, lively, and accessible. This programme will guide teachers in how to implement Numicon using a systematic approach centred on dynamic and collaborative activities, games, and investigations. In addition, it will connect curricular content with real-world experiences through Numicon and discuss the role of Numicon in mixed ability groups.

*Please note that this programme is only available in Spanish

Pre-Primary teachers and first-cycle Primary teachers who would like to enhance their maths classes with Numicon.

Basic mathematical knowledge.

  • Getting to know Numicon: the basic concepts and logical mathematical thinking.
  • Timetabling and evaluating curricular content with Numicon (Primary and Pre-Primary education).
  • Numicon and inclusion: helping with learning difficulties.

  • To deepen understanding of the characteristics and benefits of the Numicon method.
  • To connect curricular content with real-world experiences through Numicon.
  • To set out a complete sequence of activities, games, dynamic group activities, and investigations which help children develop mathematical thought through an experience which is multi-sensory, fun, and accessible for everyone.

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