Language Immersion Programme

Duration:50 hours – Over 5 days (Monday to Friday) 25 hours – Over 3 days (Weekend)

Intensive workshops with a focus on real-world communication

Looking for workshops that are tailored to specific objectives, such as improving the language of classroom instruction or exam preparation? Fast-track skills with cultural and social activities held in an engaging English language environment. Keeping specific learning needs top of mind, the sessions will improve general language competence while emphasising spoken communication.

Teachers of all levels and specialisations who are looking to improve their level of English through immersion in the language and culture.

Minimum B1 English. Homogenous groups in terms of both level and specific objectives of the immersion course. Maximum number of participants: 25.

  • Workshops designed to improve general language competence with an emphasis on oral communication.
  • Cultural and social activities held in an immersive English language environment.
  • Sessions tailored towards the specific objectives of the immersion course (i.e. exam preparation, classroom language).

  • To maximise exposure to the language of English in an immersive and communicative way.
  • To provide the opportunity to work and learn in an immersive community in which English is, at all times, the only language of communication between the participants.
  • To achieve the specific linguistic objectives of the immersion course.

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