Price: € 590**
Duration:4 hours

Masterclasses hosted by our experts, designed to dispel any uncertainties and answer questions that teachers may have on any aspect of education.

Choose one of these topics for your Masterclass:

  1. Proyecto Lingüístico de Centro and bilingual programmes: keys for success at the organisational level in bilingual centres.

  2. Structured coordination and collaboration between language teachers and content teachers in CLIL teaching contexts.

  3. Capitalising on the huge potential that comes with the role of language assistants.

  4. Assessment in CLIL.


  • To equip management and teaching staff with key tools to correctly implement a bilingual programme.

  • To advise management and teaching staff on the unique challenges that come with implementing a bilingual programme.

Designed for:

Management teams, bilingual coordinators, and teaching staff who are interested in receiving training –  directly from our experts –  on a variety of topics related to the implementation of bilingual programmes.


**Consult prices for institutions and official bodies.

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