This Webinar Day, it’s all about speaking and pronunciation practice. On Tuesday, 7 May 2019, join us for practical teaching tips that you can immediately start using in class.

12:00-13:00* Mazes, Maps, Rhymes and Raps: Pronunciation Made Practical – Mark Hancock (Adults)

Looking for a playful and experimental approach to teaching pronunciation? Join us to discuss different pronunciation activities and how you can adapt these ideas to complement the grammar and lexis you are covering in class!

17:00-18:00* Pronunciation 14sRobin Walker (Secondary)

Perhaps due to peer pressure, many adolescents shy away from trying out new sounds and finding their English voice. This webinar will arm you with practical tactics – including motivation, modeling, and marking – to make a positive impact on our students’ pronunciation.

18:00-19:00* Pronunciation Practice in PrimaryNina Lauder (Primary)

Even with communicative approaches, it is important that teachers provide explicit guidance to help students perfect their pronunciation. In this webinar, we will look at different ways that teachers can work on stress, rhythm, and intonation in class through a variety of activities and resources.

19:00-20:00* Fun-tastic PhonicsÁngela Cofiño (Pre-Primary)

Curious about learning the principles of teaching phonics to very young learners? Provide children with an effective foundation for the development of their reading and writing skills with this fun-tastic webinar.

*All times are in CET