Targeted training actions to prepare you for implementing and developing your course with Oxford.

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Oxford Bilingual Journey

Customise your Oxford Bilingual Journey framework to fit your unique teaching situation.

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My Little CLIL World

Discover our flexible training programme, which includes webinars, podcasts, and videos.

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Oxford CLIL Literacy

Our expert trainers offer support throughout the course, on topics ranging from collaboration with parents to promoting literacy in the classroom.

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Archie’s World

Learn how to effectively implement a synthetic phonics methodology in the classroom, using Archie’s World.

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Numicon Primaria

Numicon se adapta a tu manera de enseñar en el aula, facilitando que los alumnos comprendan e interioricen los conceptos matemáticos. Descubre cómo hacerlo paso a paso.

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Numicon Infantil

Aprende a introducir y organizar la secuencia metodológica de Numicon en el aula de Infantil.

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