First steps to Literacy and Phonics

Duración:6 meses
Precio:34,99 €
Área:Literacy and Phonics

Pre-Primary and Primary English teachers interested in teaching reading and writing from an early age

Minimum B1 level of English (the course is given in English)

• How to teach reading and writing in English at an early age
• Ideas, strategies and games to develop children’s literacy skills
• Synthetic Phonics and its application in the classroom

• To introduce the bases of literacy from an early age.
• To provide strategies and activities to help students develop their reading and writing skills.
• To analyse the development of the reading and writing process from a pre-reading stage to a consolidated skill.
• To analyse literacy at the word, sentence, and text level.
• To introduce the Synthetic Phonics methodology as a tool for literacy.
• To delve into the Synthetic Phonics methodology in both Pre-Primary and Primary.
• To learn how to assess literacy using different tools and methods.

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