Consultancy services

Price:Consult the plan that best meets your training needs
Subject:As required by the centre's educational programme objectives

We partner with institutions on their evolution and development, respond to their concerns, and answer their enquiries. Thanks to our tried and tested methodology, we are able to adapt our programmes to meet their training needs.

Some of our consultancy services include:

• Working sessions scheduled according to the institution’s needs.

• Reflection and analysis seminars focused on the centre’s current situation.

• Conclusion reports detailing findings and outlining steps to follow going forward.

• Defining a road map and proposal for a plan of action.

• Tailored training plan focusing on the institution’s needs and objectives.

• Expert, specialised knowledge of bilingual education and establishing innovative programmes.



  To reflect on the institution’s needs and align those with the ethos of the institution.

• To create an educational community.

• To use the institution’s resources effectively and efficiently.


Designed for:

Management teams, bilingual coordinators, and teaching staff who are interested in receiving training about the management of their centre or institution.

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