Co-Teaching and the EFL Classroom: Co-teachers and Language Assistants

Co-Teaching and the EFL Classroom: Co-Teachers and Language Assistants

In collaboration with the Institut de Desenvolupament Professional- Institut de Ciències de l’Educació (IDP-ICE) de la Universitat de Barcelona

Start: 03/02/20
End: 03/07/20

Price: €75
€65 for XTEC students
Duration:5 months
Study load:30 hours


Do you know how to unlock all the potential a Language Assistant can bring to the classroom? Do you share your classes with a colleague and need guidance on how to take full advantage of this situation? Have you been trained in different co-teaching models? Do you want to make the most of sharing the learning space?
This course opens the door to a new way of teaching and shows you a variety of teaching models that you’ll be able to apply with your colleagues and Language Assistants.

  • To discover and make the most of the potential of the co-teaching method with a Language Assistant.
  • To learn how to work cooperatively to achieve positive pedagogical outcomes in the classroom.
  • To learn how to use the different models of co-teaching.
  • To take full advantage of the abilities and personal skills of Language Assistants.
  • To maximise exposure to and increase effective interaction in the foreign language.

  • To learn about coaching skills for listening, problem-solving and developing a connection with a co-teacher.
  • To consider specific issues which can arise in the classroom.
  • To analyse and differentiate between the situations in which each co-teaching model applies.

This is an online course with no tutor. Multimedia content and activities are divided into modules.

Module 1: Roles and responsibilities of Language Assistants

  • Examine the roles and responsibilities of Language Assistants in schools and classrooms.
  • Understand the background and the benefits of co-teaching approaches.

Module 2: co-teaching models

  • Define and examine models of co-teaching.
  • Discuss advantages and disadvantages of co-teaching models.
  • Discuss what not to do in a co-teaching situation.
  • Consider how co-teaching models can be applied to Language Assistant roles.

Module 3: Managing a Co-teaching relationship

  • Consider ways to manage a co-teaching situation.
  • Learn how to foster a collaborative relationship with a co-teacher or a Language Assistant.
  • Discover how coaching strategies can improve communication.

Module 4: Needs assessments for Language Assistant programmes

  • Learn to set goals for your teaching team.
  • Learn to apply different co-teaching strategies with Language Assistants.

Module 5: Co-teaching and Evaluation

  • Use the skills that a Language Assistant may have as an extra resource for evaluation.
  • Develop checklists and rubrics for evaluating language skills.

This course is designed for Primary and Secondary teachers who are interested in developing a co-teaching model in their classrooms.

A 30-hour Training Certificate from el Institut de Desenvolupament Professional- Institut de Ciències de l’Educació (IDP-ICE) de la Universitat de Barcelona.

    Complete enrolment via the ICE platform and/or send an email to

    Telephone: 934 021 024

Duration: 5 months

Workload: 30 hours

Price: €75/ €65 for XTEC students

Start: 03/02/20

End: 03/07/20

Requirements: Minimum B1+ level of English (the course is delivered in English)

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