Technology: Applications

Duration:10 hours

The ever-increasing speed of technological evolution means that keeping up-to-date with the latest developments is extremely challenging. Our applications course guides you through the most innovative and effective applications and devices on the educational market today.

Teachers who are comfortable with technology and want to explore the most up-to-date ways of creating and consuming content and connecting with the world.

B2 English

• Creating: applications for dynamic and engaging content creation.

• Consuming: interactive and captivating content online.

• Connecting: unite your classroom with the rest of the world and work with other global communities and cultures.

• To showcase the newest methods of content creation, allowing learners to produce dynamic presentations, projects, e-portfolios, and more.

• To outline the most engaging and interactive ways in which students can consume curricular content, such as augmented and virtual reality.

• To guide teachers in making the most of the connectivity offered by the internet, allowing them to break down the traditional view of the classroom as fixed in time and space.

• To establish best practice by the sharing of knowledge amongst the teaching staff.

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