Phenomenon-based learning

Duration:10 hours
Subject:Active methodologies

Phenomenon-based learning is an innovative cross-curricular approach that looks to teach learners about real-world phenomena in context.

Teachers who already have a good knowledge of student-centred learning and who are looking for innovative approaches in the classroom and beyond.

B2 English

• Student-lead enquiry: students direct their own learning by allowing their investigations to let them co-create knowledge anchored in real-world contexts.

• A truly interdisciplinary approach to learning: the traditional boundaries imposed by subjects and the classroom are pulled down and a 360-degree holistic approach to learning is embraced.

• Leaving the classroom behind: putting learning within the community.

• Evaluating phenomenon-based learning.

• To give teachers the tools to facilitate learners in directing their own learning.

• To remove the boundaries between subjects and teach in a holistic, cross-curricular way. A 360-degree approach.

• To teach content within its context and make learning relevant to the learners’ community (anchored learning).

• To develop tool for the evaluation of projects.

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