First steps to reading and writing: Synthetic Phonics

Duration:20 hours

The definitive method for the teaching of reading and writing in English. First steps to reading and writing: Synthetic Phonics will unpack the different elements of this methodology in a way that is both practical and effective.

English teachers, Pre-Primary teachers, and Primary teachers who are interested in learning how to apply the synthetic phonics method in their classrooms as a way of developing literacy in English.

B2 English

• Exploring the relationships between the English phonemes and graphemes.

• The sub-skills of reading and writing, including blending, segmentation, and handwriting.

• Effective strategies and activities to use in the classroom.

• To introduce the foundations of reading and writing from an early age.

• To develop the understanding of English phonemes and their corresponding graphemes.

• To provide strategies and activities for including the teaching of phonics as part of a daily routine.

• To develop tools to evaluate phonics skills.

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