First steps to reading and writing: Literacy and Phonics II

Duration:15 hours

The First steps to reading and writing: Literacy and Phonics II course goes deeper into the synthetic phonics method, providing a wide range of techniques and strategies for developing and consolidating English literacy skills at an early age.

English teachers, Pre-Primary teachers, and Primary teachers with some prior knowledge of teaching literacy in English who want to deepen their understanding of this skill.

B2 English

• Revisiting and expanding on the different stages involved in the implementation of the synthetic phonics method.

• Working on literacy at the word and phrase level. Introducing short texts.

• Developing listening and speaking skills.

• Practical activities and evaluation.

• To build a solid knowledge base on the correct use of the synthetic phonics method.

• To work with two distinct levels of literacy: understanding at the word level and at the phrase level.

• Analyse decodable texts to foster motivation and comprehension.

• To provide strategies and activities which develop the four linguistic skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

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