First steps to reading and writing: Literacy and Phonics I

Duration:15 hours

The First steps to reading and writing: Literacy and Phonics I course delivers the basic principles for the effective implementation of the synthetic phonics method and key strategies for the development of English literacy skills at an early age.

English teachers, Pre-Primary teachers, and Primary teachers with no prior knowledge of teaching literacy in English who want to take the first steps towards this skill.

B2 English

• The fundamental principles of the synthetic phonics methodology in a second language context.

• Strategies and activities for developing the skills of reading and writing.

• Scheduling and evaluating the skill of literacy in an English-speaking environment.

• To introduce the foundation of reading and writing in English from an early age.

• To provide strategies and activities that aid students to develop their reading and writing skills.

• To work on literacy at the word level.

• To identify different methods for evaluating the performance of learners.

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