Co-Teaching with a Language Assistant

Duration:25 hours

Sharing a classroom with a colleague or language assistant can enhance students’ linguistic and cognitive development, though maximising this potential is not always easy to achieve. Make the most of this shared experience by exploring the most effective resources, tools, and teaching practices for achieving better cooperation in the classroom.

Teachers who are going to share or currently share their classroom with a colleague or language assistant and want to deepen their knowledge of this practice.

B2 Englsih

• The most effective classroom methodology for a teacher and co-teacher or language assistant.

• Planning sessions and the implementation of the co-teaching model in the school.

• Maximising the co-teaching experience with practical resources and tools.

• Evaluating teaching practice between co-teachers and/or the classroom assistant.

• Explore the potential of co-teaching with a language assistant to maximise the effectiveness of class time.

• Learn a cooperative working methodology to positively influence lasting change in your school.

• Discover different models of co-teaching.

• Make the most of a language assistant’s skills and abilities.

• Increase the amount of foreign language interaction in a mixed-ability setting.

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