Duration:15 hours

Introduction to Content and Language Integrated Learning – effective teaching in bilingual education.

Teachers who are new to teaching curricular content through a second (or third) language.

B1+ English

• Why and how CLIL works.

• A change of language, a change of focus: student-centred learning as the key to success in CLIL.

• The language(s) of CLIL; blending academic language with interpersonal language to foster bilingual competence.

• Assessment in a second language; overcoming the challenges inherent in assessing curricular content in a second language.

• To highlight the benefits of CLIL and the educational theories behind it.

• To highlight the importance of a student-centred methodology in the teaching of CLIL.

• To develop strategies for guiding input and scaffolding output in the bilingual classroom.

• To provide a framework for fair and rigorous testing in a second language.

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