About us

Our teacher training services are born from many years of teaching experience, outstanding and innovative trainers, and our commitment to excellence in education.

When teachers use OUP coursebooks, they of course acquire excellent teaching materials, but they also receive complete support in the form of training services and a helping hand. In a word, they receive inspiration.

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Exclusive talks, seminars and workshops delivered in person by our ELT and CLIL authors and experts. They are a great opportunity to meet your coursebook authors and other teachers from your region. Here you can share ideas and inspiration, gather classroom activities, and gain insight into local tendencies.

Make the Most of are online courses that help teachers get the best out of their coursebook and didactic materials while discovering the methodology behind the lessons. Each course is specific to an OUP title, and teachers have the opportunity to join a teaching community made up of other teachers around Spain.

Oxford Webinars are online, real-time training sessions in which teachers can interact virtually with our teacher trainers, authors and other teachers. Topics include new technologies, CLIL, Oxford materials, key competences and evaluations.

Oxford Teachers’ Academy courses are online, self-study professional development courses. The courses are full of original ideas, approaches and theories. They offer plenty of extra material, including chapters from Professional Development and Applied Linguistics books, interviews with experts, and links to academic journals.

These short, informative videos, featuring our authors and experts, offer lots of practical tips and ideas for your Oxford course. Just two minutes in length they’re ideal for busy teachers looking for a burst of inspiration.

These podcasts are based on our recently released ‘How to guides’ for Primary and Secondary teachers. These short podcasts bring the resource to life, and make it even more accessible for busy teachers on the go! Listen today for tips on how to deal with specific challenges for the modern teacher.

We provide tailor-made training services for institutions; these are specifically designed to meet the needs of individual centres.